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"Live Like A Local"

Who Are We?

Lazymama provides high quality, family friendly rental accommodation & program for one month stays. We especially welcome Lazy mums who travel with kids. We encourage you to live like a local and broaden your horizons.

Make friends

Join the kids club and take part in the various events we hold.

Helpful Hosts 

If you need a friendly neighbour, each complex has a full time host to help you.

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For me it was a good time to come to Jeju Island.  It gave my sons lots of new opportunities and it was a fun time for me.  I met lots of other people at Lazymama and made some good friends.  I am glad I was able to give my sons a “December gift” which will be a lasting memory for them when they become young men. 


25/11~23/12 Gwakji

I came to Jeju with my mother and son.  We had a car but none of us had much of a sense of direction so we had some challenging times getting around the island which made it seem like an adventure!   We had much fun doing this.  Even in the wet weather it was still great to be in nature!


25/10~23/11 Gwakji

I was apprehensive about taking my two kids to a strange place where I did not know anyone.  I didn’t have to worry, it was a lot safer than I imagined and I had a great time with my neighbours and made some friends.  It was a very happy month for me where I had time to myself and didn’t have to worry about my kids.


23/10~23/11 Gwakji

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May 3, 2017


I am Liz (Younhee) Lee, the General Director and founder of Lazymama Co. Ltd. 

Many people ask me how we started Lazymama and where the idea of a 'one month holiday' came from. 

Here is our story. 

Jacky (my husband) and I arrived in Jeju Island on 31st of August, 2012 and started a rental house business on February 2013. We leased an old shabby guesthouse which had six studios and a beautiful front yard. We su...